feel every beat
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uk lp (fact 290), cd (facd 290) and cassette (fact 290c) released by factory records on 28 may 1991. us cd (9 26387-2) and cassette (9 26387-4), canadian cd (cd 26387) and cassette (92 63874), australian cd (7599-26387-2) and cassette (759926387-4) and japanese cd with white inlay, lyric sheet and obi strip (wpcp-4348) released by warner bros. german lp (605 592) and cd (261 528), european lp (211 528), cd (7 88024 2) and cassette (411 528) and dutch cd (7 88024 2) released by virgin. getting away with it appeared on every release except the factory editions.

electronic (uk lp)

uk version
idiot country
tighten up
the patience of a saint
get the message
try all you want
some distant memory
feel every beat

electronic (uk cd)   electronic (uk cassette)
uk cd and cassette.

other editions
portuguese lp (605592) released by edisom/virgin. greek lp (vg 50547) released by virgin. turkish cassette (10721) released by virgin/raks müzik in 1992. brazilian lp (670.9374), mexican lp (lpnb-7079) and thai cassette (9 26387-4) released by warner bros. colombian lp (23(1031)00177) released by warner bros/sonolux. south african lp (wbc 1708) released by warner bros/tusk music. israeli cassette (9 26387-4) released by warner bros/hed-arzi. getting away with it appeared on every release, and replaced gangster on the portuguese, greek, brazilian and colombian lps. an unofficial polish cassette on gold hit (0195) featured a unique tracklisting.

melody maker, 25 may 1991
nme, 25 may 1991
spin, june 1991
entertainment weekly, 21 june 1991
q advertisement
q, july 1991
select, july 1991
us press kit
vox, july 1991

uk #2
billboard #109
heatseekers #1
australia #42
germany #97
sweden #19

electronic (japanese cd)   electronic (us cd longbox)
japanese cd and us longbox.

produced by bernard sumner and johnny marr. engineered by owen morris. recorded at clear, manchester. vocals, keyboards and programming by bernard sumner. guitars, keyboards and programming by johnny marr. vocals on the patience of a saint by neil tennant. keyboards on the patience of a saint by chris lowe. additional drums and percussion on tighten up and feel every beat by donald johnson. additional drums on feel every beat by david palmer. vocals on get the message by denise johnson. oboe on some distant memory played by helen powell. additional programming by andrew robinson. thanks to ignition, neil tennant & chris lowe, donald johnson, kesta martinez, andrew robinson, phil powell, danny frew, ian marr, stuart james, pete schwier, bruce davies, mal & binns, ms b, paula mottershead and angie & sarah. picture by todd fath. artwork by johnson panas.

bold, bright and upbeat, electronic’s spotless debut represents marr and sumner at the peak of their powers. every song has its own identity and strength: from the compelling anthems idiot country and feel every beat to the transcendent beauty of some distant memory, it’s the sound of a band acknowledging the expectations of a nation and then exceeding them with confidence, panache and originality.

get the message and tighten up perfectly fused marr’s peerless guitar playing with sumner’s synthesiser expertise, not only fulfilling their intention to merge the best aspects of the smiths and new order, but also creating a sound that was completely unique to them in the process. electronic hit the ground running with this album; it was not merely satisfactory but positively revelatory, an instant career best that sold 240,000 copies in the states and a million worldwide.

to say these two musicians were on form would be an understatement. everything bernard sumner touched in 1990 turned to gold: world in motion topped the uk singles chart and his remixes of songs by the beat club and technotronic elevated them to classic status. revelling in his newfound creative freedom, johnny marr contributed the most subtle and textured playing on a post-smiths work to date, maintaining an unparalleled lightness of touch.

it’s an lp that sees the two essential songwriters of the previous decade laying down the gauntlet and proving that their union could not only match eighteen months of anticipation from critics and listeners alike, but also surpass it with every nuanced, deadly note. electronic belongs to the league of mancunian albums in which the stone roses, morning glory and the queen is dead reside: there are only a handful of records that equal its sustained melodic brilliance. a masterpiece.