feel every beat
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german double cd (263 155) released by virgin in 1992.


cd 1
idiot country
tighten up
the patience of a saint
getting away with it
get the message
try all you want
some distant memory
feel every beat

cd 2
disappointed 7" mix
disappointed 12" mix
idiot country two
disappointed original mix

this limited edition set was presumably released to capitalise on the success of disappointed, which was a substantial hit in europe and around the world. the title and the artwork remained the same, however, with stickers promoting the inclusion of disappointed and getting away with it on the jewel case (some read plus extra cd top hit “disappointed” for the former). it remains an interesting anomaly in the electronic back catalogue, though a far more appealing idea would have been to include all the b-sides from this era, namely lucky bag, free will, second to none and lean to the inside (all sixteen songs from electronic’s factory era can fit onto one cd).