feel every beat
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uk cd (cdprg 1012) released by parlophone on 28 february 1994. japanese cd (wpcr-387) released by warner bros on 25 june 1995?

electronic (remastered cd)

idiot country
tighten up
the patience of a saint
getting away with it
get the message
try all you want
some distant memory
feel every beat

electronic signed to pet shop boys’ label parlophone after the demise of factory records, and their catalogue was subsequently re-licenced to the company in 1993, when original engineer owen morris remastered the first album for reissue. all the songs benefited from a crisper mix, especially idiot country, tighten up and gangster, though the artwork was given a blander feel, using the black and silver design from a 1991 poster; the impure 2013 reissue did at least revert back to orange.