feel every beat
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electronic (special edition)
uk double cd in card sleeve (9074312) released by emi on 8 april 2013. 11-track lp (fact 290) released by parlophone on 25 may 2015.

electronic (special edition)

cd 1
idiot country
tighten up
the patience of a saint
getting away with it
get the message
try all you want
some distant memory
feel every beat

cd 2
disappointed (stephen hague 7" version)
second to none (2013 edit)
lean to the inside (2013 edit)
twisted tenderness (guitar/vocal mix)
idiot country two (12" version – edit)
free will (edit)
until the end of time (edit)
feel every beat (2013 edit)
getting away with it (instrumental)
turning point (edit)
visit me (edit)
twisted tenderness (instrumental)

uk double cdr in pvc sleeves with folded inserts released by emi music catalogue marketing in february 2013.

electronic (special edition) promo.   electronic (special edition) promo.

record collector, april 2013
classic rock, may 2013
mojo, may 2013
q, may 2013

mastering and remastering by frank arkwright at abbey road studios. sleeve notes by james nice. reissue artwork by scott minshall.

this two-disc reissue is not to be confused with the 2007 digital edition; it is arbitrary and far less logical. getting away with it refuses to budge from the midst of the 1991 album — a pretender in a palace — while its b-side lucky bag is missing in action and none of the lively 12" remixes are featured, just the instrumental. the three flipsides from the album singles are included, but all are edited; second to none and lean to the inside were hardly creaking with extraneous passages, though free will is an interesting listen. also edited are idiot country two, which omits the opening knifetalk, and feel every beat, this new version based on the downstairs mix from the us 12". the 7" mix of disappointed is of course included, but not the ones by 808 state and electronic.

ironically, the material included from their second and third albums provides the most interest, at least to an aficionado’s ears. the three tracks from 1996 are all voiceless: turning point from the second nature single, slightly edited; and instrumental versions of visit me and until the end of time. the title track from their third album is presented in two forms: as an instrumental (lightly remixed, though the aggravating squiggles remain); and as an alternative mix with guitars that sounds more like the rest of the lp. it is the highlight of the whole set, and the sort of thing one would like to exist in the first place. unfortunately, its inclusion kills any short-term possibility of reissues for the other albums, though of course the first one will always have the brightest reputation.

the album itself still sounds immense: sparkling guitar-infused dance; a delicate instrumental; house meeting rock; an unexpected flight into heaven. perfectly played, deliciously mixed, this new remaster sounds very similar to the 1994 edition, perhaps with a bit more presence to the softer mid-range sounds. consequently, the only reasons to recommend this reissue to the average electronnie are the unreleased tracks from raise the pressure and twisted tenderness; the newcomer should follow a more purist programme: dispense with getting away with it and the second disc, and download the 10 tracks from the original album. getting away with it is the last sigh of the 1980s, but the album proper is a cathedral of eternal pleasures.