feel every beat
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the best of electronic
japanese cd (wpcr-10570) scheduled for release by warner bros on 13 december 1999.

getting away with it (full length)
tighten up
the patience of a saint
get the message
some distant memory
feel every beat
forbidden city
for you
second nature
time can tell
getting away with it (vocal remix)
imitation of life
i feel alright

as twisted tenderness had been released just eight months before this projected compilation was withdrawn, the lack of any highlights from that era is understandable, but despite the inclusion of i feel alright and imitation of life there is a slight lack of logic here: the patience of a saint, freefall and time can tell are album tracks through and through, and including two versions of one song (getting away with it) is never to be recommended. thankfully the 2006 best of is far more balanced.