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twisted tenderness
uk cd (498 3452), cassette (498 3454) and minidisc (498 3458) released by parlophone on 26 april 1999. us cd (koc-cd-8165) released by koch records on 12 september 2000. japanese cd with lyric sheet and obi strip (tocp-65178) released by emi on 16 april 1999. australian cd (4983452) released by parlophone. philippine cassette (498 3454) released by parlophone/octoarts emi. the japanese cd included king for a day.

twisted tenderness (uk cd)

uk version
make it happen
can’t find my way home
twisted tenderness
like no other
late at night
prodigal son
when she’s gone

us bonus tracks
king for a day
warning sign
make it happen.remix

twisted tenderness (japanese cd)   twisted tenderness (uk minidisc)   twisted tenderness (us cd)
japanese cd, uk minidisc and us cd.

uk advance listening cd (cdlrl005) released by parlophone in february 1999. uk advance listening cd (cdlrl008) and 4-track cd in card sleeve (twistedj01) released by parlophone in march 1999. uk cdr released by masterpiece mastering. us 4-track 12" (koc-pro-1046), 4-track cd (koc-pro-1047) and cdr released by koch records in september 2000. cdlrl005 and the masterpiece cdr included king for a day. the original mix of make it happen appeared on cdlrl005, twistedj01 and the masterpiece cdr, but not cdlrl008. the us 4-track cd contained vivid, make it happen.album version, make it happen.album remix and radiation.dat b-side.

twisted tenderness (uk promo cd)   twisted tenderness sampler)
cdlrl005 and twistedj01.

mojo, april 1999
nme, 17 april 1999
melody maker, 24 april 1999
bbc, 25 april 1999
q, may 1999
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select, may 1999
uncut, may 1999
uncut preview card

uk #9
sweden #18

bernard sumner: vocals and guitar. johnny marr: guitars, harmonica and vocals. jimi goodwin: bass, backing vocals tracks 4,5,7,9,12 & 13. ged lynch: drums and percussion tracks 2,3,7,8,9,10,11 & 12. johnny marr: bass tracks 1,4,5 & 7. bernard sumner: bass track 4. mac quayle: keyboards and programming tracks 4,5 & 6. astrid williamson: backing vocals tracks 3,5,6,8 & 10. arthur baker: harmonica track 4, scratching tracks 1,4 & 7, keyboards track 5. phil spalding: bass track 8. lindsay reed: backing vocal track 8. sound effects and beats on tracks 2 & 8 by fridge. beats and scratching on tracks 5 & 11 by jason mad doctor x.

produced by electronic and arthur baker. engineered by james spencer. programming and keyboards by merv de peyer. tracks 4,5,6,7,9 & 11 mixed by james spencer. tracks 1,2,3,8,10,12 & 13 mixed by merv de peyer. track 14 mixed by darren price. recorded at clear, rak and real world recording studios. mixed at mayfair. recording assistants: jackie turner, james brown & tim pettit. mix assistants: ed chadwick: darren nash. additional engineering tracks 2 & 8 darren allison. mastered by ian cooper at metropolis mastering except track 1 and 11 mastered by chris blair at abbey road. design: the attik.

a rock solid album that improves with every listen. the dense, thick layers of sound can seem impenetrable at first (an irony considering electronic’s desire to escape the over-production on raise the pressure), but approached with an open mind and some decent speakers it slowly reveals itself to be a substantial and rewarding experience, with when she’s gone, flicker and the title track amongst the most melodic and emotional songs that marr and sumner have ever recorded.

bernard sumner: “we were aware that our production was getting a bit too smooth and a bit too perfect. we decided technology was slowing us down, so instead of sitting down in front of the computer and writing it that way, we wrote it on two guitars, took it to our band, and ended up with a band version of the song. we used technology to fuck the sound of the band up. we didn’t want to ban technology, but we didn’t want it to be god. i think people like to hear the hand that made the record and not the computer that made it perfect.”