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this is an unofficial website about electronic, the ’90s band formed by bernard sumner (new order, joy division) and johnny marr (the smiths, the the). it combines information on the 48 songs they released from 1989 to 1999 with a worldwide discography and a press archive; the aim was to gather all the information on the band and present it in a simple, elegant fashion. articles are reproduced here for their historical relevance, as well as with the assumption they would otherwise remain unseen.

electronic are often overlooked due to their anonymous name, and because their initial appeal is likely to be restricted to new order fans, as well as some smiths and pet shop boys followers (neil tennant joined the duo for three songs). it’s a significant default audience, but the three albums and 14 single-only tracks electronic released still deserve more recognition, hence this website. contributions and general feedback are appreciated, so feel free to e-mail with any comments or corrections you may have.

this website has been online since 10 march 2005. the webmaster thanks paul havell, alistair murray, shug sludden, matt hicks, jean-philippe cano, nick mckay, wes needham, robert elfving, josué júnior, mark davies, leather_girl, david smith, james rowles, steve barnes, richard beckett, don morgan, edward brown, jo and paul d evans for their invaluable contributions.