feel every beat
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cities in the park
this two-day event took place at manchester’s heaton park on 3 and 4 august 1991, and was held in honour of maverick producer martin hannett, who had passed away four months before. the second day comprised a brace of factory artists including electronic; flanked by donald johnson, kesta martinez (both on percussion), andrew robinson, johnny’s brother ian (both on keys) and denise johnson, they played seven songs from their first album plus getting away with it (on which pet shop boys guested) and the b-side free will.

the festival was filmed and highlights were included on a video that november, on which electronic appeared as the penultimate act with a superlative rendition of feel every beat. commercially unavailable for many years, the case for a dvd re-release can be easily made by the reams of footage that must have been filmed but never released, not least of electronic’s nine-song set. click here for an illuminating interview with director terry zoakipny.

set list
get the message
idiot country
try all you want
tighten up
some distant memory
getting away with it
feel every beat
free will

melody maker, 10 august 1991
nme, 10 august 1991