feel every beat
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the haçienda
manchester’s premier club was celebrating a brief reprieve from the threat of closure when electronic played a spontaneous gig there on 9 january 1991. bernard sumner: “we’d just got our licence back at the club then, so there was a real buzz about it.” various luminaries of the manchester scene were in attendance as neil tennant introduced sumner, marr, andy robinson, donald johnson and kesta martinez to the stage; their set included the live debut of feel every beat. idiot country was still called gangster, while wah wah was most likely an early title for reality. johnny marr: “there was a fantastic atmosphere that night. it’s a shame it closed down a week later!”

electronic at the haçienda
photo by peter walsh, from the nme.

set list
get the message
wah wah
feel every beat
try all you want

promotional flyer
melody maker, 19 january 1991
nme, 19 january 1991
record mirror, 19 january 1991
sounds, 19 january 1991