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4 september 2007 :: as well as the aforementioned first album, eight other electronic records have been given the itunes treatment: getting away with it, get the message, feel every beat, raise the pressure, for you, second nature, until the end of time and vivid. raise the pressure includes the five b-sides from the ’96–’97 era, while each single features a host of remixes, many of which have been unavailable for years. click here to go to the main artist page. update :: unfortunately these don’t appear to be available in the usa, although the following are: the getting away with it maxi-single, raise the pressure, twisted tenderness::deluxe and the get the message best of. thanks to aamir qazi for this info.

electronic on itunes

29 august 2007 :: on 3 september the first electronic album will be available from itunes as a special edition digital release, priced £9.99. the bundle will comprise the 11-track remaster from 1994 plus twelve single tracks: lucky bag, free will (7" edit), feel every beat (7" remix), lean to the inside, second to none, disappointed (original mix), disappointed (7" mix), feel every beat (dna remix), disappointed (12" remix), lucky bag (miami edit), idiot country two (aka ultimatum mix) and gangster (fbi mix). heads up to kim pedersen on new order online. in other news, david nolan’s authoritative biography of bernard sumner — confusion: joy division, electronic and new order versus the world — is published tomorrow by independent music press. as well as comprehensive research and a wealth of fresh interviews, the story is complemented by candid and illuminating comments from sumner himself.

23 august 2007 :: johnny marr in issue 55 of the word: “with electronic, our ambition with every song was to have the beauty and drama of ennio morricone, the innovation of kraftwerk, the attitude of a young british rock band and be super-catchy and modern too. i’m super-proud of electronic but we tied ourselves up in knots, day after day and week after week, developing ideas to fulfil that ambition. i don’t agree that electronic was an out-of-time oddity — the best of is a really great record — but we were never going to be able to sit with new order and the smiths. the weight of our history meant we were always going to be judged as second best before we even played a note. let me see someone cross the smiths with joy division, in all its forms, with all the characters involved; it’s not going to happen. but i’m alright with that.”

johnny marr in the september 2007 edition of the word

7 august 2007 :: the ubiquitous johnny marr appears in this month’s q magazine (issue 254) to talk through several highlights of his career; among the records spotlighted is the first electronic lp (the ‘techno pop album’). “i didn’t get into a partnership with the best electronic musician in the uk to sound like the kinks, but i think bernard would say the mirror of that. he wanted to hear kinks riffs and i wanted to hear kraftwerk. there’d be times i’d stop playing guitar because it sounded a bit too johnny marr and he’d have his head in his hands. but in spite of us trying to write acid house 12-inchers, the singles forced themselves out. feel every beat was something i’d written for a planned solo album that never happened, and i’m immensely proud of get the message. that’s maybe the track i’m most proud of out of my whole career. electronic was bernard’s name. we came up with it the day peter saville came down and begged us for a name so he could finish the sleeve. bernard took it off an air-conditioning unit. lucky we didn’t end up being called electronic heat. before that, he wanted to call us sell your body. can you imagine?”

7 june 2007 :: johnny marr was interviewed for this month’s mojo magazine, pdf files of which can be found on his official website. electronic are given the customarily brief mention: “with the first album, there are some things in there i really love. i think get the message is sublime. but we wanted to do something of the times, the idea being that pop music is supposed to be absolutely of its time. on a much more personal level, there were very few people who i’d’ve been able to relate to at that time, who understood what it was like to be in a diy, indie, worldwide-successful northern band, who were burned out, and who wasn’t particularly impressed by that. and the thing that was gratifying was that i got higher in the charts with electronic than i ever did with the smiths. it was a fucking great time.”

25 september 2006 :: johnny marr has given a vibrant interview to bbc.co.uk in which he talks about the new electronic best of, future work with bernard sumner, and the state of the british music scene today. you can listen to it via realplayer too.

16 september 2006 :: johnny marr and bernard sumner were interviewed in yesterday’s independent about the new electronic best of, and the article is available online. the original piece was accompanied by a new photo of the ex-members at the royal institute of british architects — thanks to mark davies for sending it in.

bernard sumner and johnny marr in the independent
photo by david sandison.

19 august 2006 :: amazon.co.uk has added second nature and prodigal son to the tracklisting for get the message. the inclusion of electronic’s seventh single is nothing short of essential — as well as being a classic song in its own right it means that, excluding promos, every a-side will be included on the compilation.

24 july 2006 :: according to nme.com a new electronic compilation will be released in september 2006. get the message: the best of electronic will be issued by emi in the uk on monday 18 and by rhino in the us the next day, and features the following tracks: getting away with it, get the message (single mix), feel every beat, disappointed (single mix), forbidden city, vivid (radio edit), all that i need, for you, imitation of life (new edit), out of my league, like no other, twisted tenderness and late at night (radio edit). the cd is available to pre-order at amazon.co.uk, amazon.com and play.com, and is also available with an accompanying seven-track dvd.

get the message: the best of electronic

28 march 2006 :: the current special edition of q, which focuses on the manchester music scene from punk onwards, features a four-page interview (titled ‘get the message’) with johnny marr. electronic are mentioned twice, and a photograph of marr and sumner backstage with pet shop boys is included. “when electronic formed there was a revolution in music, in club culture, in drugs, in fashion… i would have been an absolute idiot to miss it. both of us needed to work with someone on a personal level who understood the trip that both of us had been through with our groups.” electronic’s first album gets an honourable mention in a list of recommended mancunian albums; unknown pleasures, power, corruption and lies and the queen is dead are featured more prominently. the title of the magazine is rather opportunistic (‘morrissey & the story of manchester’), but the content itself is terrific.

morrissey & the story of manchester

29 january 2006 :: johnny marr and bernard sumner both appeared at the manchester v cancer concert at the evening news arena on saturday, playing individually with the healers and new order, and together with doves (whose frontman jimi goodwin played bass on twisted tenderness) on two songs: covers of lou reed’s vicious and r dean taylor’s there’s a ghost in my house. the healers set comprised there is a light that never goes out, denial denial, the sparks of life, down on the corner and how soon is now?, while new order’s set was as follows: transmission, she’s lost control, shadowplay, atmosphere, twenty four hours, warsaw, love will tear us apart and ceremony.

as bernard sumner proclaimed, it was the first time they would play twenty four hours since ian curtis’ passing. they played no new order material. conversely, the healers’ denial denial and the sparks of life are both new songs, scheduled for release this spring on their second album. bernard and johnny’s involvement with doves bridged the healers and new order, who played before and after them respectively. it was not an electronic reunion, but it was the first time that marr and sumner had played together onstage since 1991 — they also joined doves, peter hook, andy rourke and shaun ryder for an encore of happy mondays’ wrote for luck. an historic day.