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forbidden city
uk 7" (r 6436), cd with mail-away card (cdr 6436) and double-play cassette (tcr 6436) released by parlophone on 24 june 1996. german cd (8 93599 2) released by virgin on 17 june 1996. australian cd in card sleeve (9362437322) released by warner bros.

uk 7"
uk cassette

forbidden city
imitation of life

forbidden city (uk 7-inch)   forbidden city (uk cassette)

uk cd
german cd

forbidden city
imitation of life
a new religion

forbidden city (uk cd)

australian cd
forbidden city
imitation of life
getting away with it

forbidden city (australian cd)

uk black label jukebox 7" (rlh 6436) and one-track cd with press sheet (cdrdj 6436) released by parlophone. us 1-track cds (pro-cd-8264 and pro-cd-8290-r) released by warner bros. german 1-track cd in card sleeve (vgp 000080) released by virgin.

forbidden city (us promo cd)   forbidden city (german promo cd
pro-cd-8264 and german cd.

shop display
nme, 29 june 1996
billboard ad

uk #14

sweden #31

bernard sumner: vocals and keyboards. johnny marr: guitars, bass and keyboards. produced by electronic. engineered by james spencer. forbidden city and imitation of life mixed by alan meyerson. a new religion mixed by james spencer. karl bartos: keyboards. ged lynch: drums. denise johnson: backing vocals. digital imagery by jez frazer and charlie mitchell. photography by andrew catlin.

after an absence of four years, marr and sumner’s run of brilliant cd singles continued unbroken with forbidden city: backed by imitation of life and a new religion, it confirms electronic as one of the best singles bands of the ’90s. an excellent single that deserved a much higher chart position.