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for you
uk cd 1 in digipak with mail-away card and space for cd 2 (cdrs 6445), cd 2 in card sleeve (cdr 6445) and double-play cassette in card sleeve (tcr 6445) released by parlophone on 16 september 1996. german cd (893736 2) released by virgin. track 1 was erroneously listed as the radio edit on the german cd.

uk cd 1
german cd

for you
all that i need
i feel alright

for you (uk cd 1)

uk cd 2
for you
free will (12" mix)
get the message (dna mix)

for you (uk cd 2)

uk cassette
for you
all that i need

for you (uk cassette)

uk 1-track cd with press sheet (cdrdj 6445) released by parlophone.

for you (uk promo cd)

melody maker, 21 september 1996
nme ad

uk #16

bernard sumner: vocals and keyboards. johnny marr: guitars, bass and keyboards. ged lynch: drums on for you. steve sidelnyk: drums on all that i need. karl bartos: keyboards on i feel alright. produced by electronic. engineered and mixed by james spencer. design/3d modelling: fluid.

one of electronic’s finest singles. as well as two stellar b-sides in all that i need and i feel alright, there was an exclusive mix of the a-side which featured busier drums and double-tracked vocals in the chorus, giving it a more anthemic quality. the 1-track promo comprised an edit which differed from the single and album versions — with a sprightly, fresher feel it’s arguably better than both, and at four minutes and 21 seconds, certainly more concise. for you made a brief appearance in the uk top 20, perhaps helped along by a suitably spirited video, which used the promo version.