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make it happen
uk clear 10" in pvc sleeve (10rdj 6520) released by parlophone in june 1999.

make it happen (original mix)
make it happen (darren price mix)
prodigal son (cevin fisher mix)

make it happen (uk promo 10-inch).

bernard sumner: vocals and guitar. johnny marr: guitars and vocals. jimi goodwin: bass and vocals. ged lynch: drums and percussion. merv de peyer: programming and keyboards. scratching by arthur baker. produced by electronic and arthur baker. engineered by james spencer. mixed by merv de peyer.

originally intended as the first single from twisted tenderness, make it happen instead became the second of two 10" singles issued to promote the album. like most of the promos from this era it featured a heavier mix, with an ice-t sample that was cut from the lp version; presumably it was re-released because the copyright issue was resolved. still a sought after rarity, it might be an idea to reissue the third electronic album with the original mix reinstated; it remains the only promo mix from the era not to be included on the two-disc twisted tenderness reissue, though it did appear briefly on the late at night 12" in july 1999.