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prodigal son
uk clear 10" in pvc sleeve (10rdj 6516) released by parlophone in march 1999.

harvey’s a star in your own mind mix
harvey’s greatly deluded mix
inch remix (touched by the hand of inch)
two lone swordsmen instrumental

prodigal son (uk promo 10-inch).

bernard sumner: vocals and guitar. johnny marr: guitar and vocals. produced by electronic and arthur baker. engineered by james spencer. tracks 1 and 2 remixed by harvey. engineered by j gordon haystings. track 1 recorded at sound suite studios, camden town. track 2 recorded at battery studios, london. thankyou amanda. big up phil asher for the sp. track 3 remix and additional production by keir stewart and simon spencer. track 4 remixed by andrew weathrall and keith tenniswood.

this 10" single, issued prior to both vivid and twisted tenderness, features four remixes of the imposing album track, of which harvey’s greatly deluded mix is probably the best. harvey’s a star in your own mind mix is an overlong, almost hypnotic treatment, while the touched by the hand of inch and two lone swordsmen versions are both authentically strange. although admirably experimental, it is a slightly pointless exercise which undermined the potential of the twisted tenderness::deluxe collection two years later, when all four mixes were included in the stead of the radio edits and the original mix of make it happen.