feel every beat
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second nature
uk cd 1 in digipak with space for cd 2 (cdr 6455), cd 2 in card sleeve (cdrs 6455) and double-play cassette in card sleeve (tcr 6455) released by parlophone on 3 february 1997. european cd (894047 2) released by virgin.

uk cd 1
european cd

second nature
turning point
feel every beat [12" remix]

second nature (uk cd 1)

uk cd 2
second nature
second nature [plastik mix]
second nature [trance atlantic dub]
second nature [sweet remix]

second nature (uk cd 2)

uk cassette
second nature
turning point

second nature (uk cassette)

us 8-track cdr released by warner bros on 15 september 1996. uk 12" titled second nature mixes (12rdj 6455) and 1-track cd (cdrdj 6455) released by parlophone on 27 january 1997. us 2-track cd (pro-cd-8529-r) released by warner bros.

us cd
journey mix radio edit
extended journey mix
modern mix radio edit
extended modern mix
plastik vox
trance atlantic dub
edge factor dub
alternative dub

uk 12"
second nature (trance atlantic dub)
second nature (sweet remix)
second nature (plastik mix)

second nature (uk promo 12

t-shirt offer (1, 2)

uk #35

bernard sumner: vocals and keyboards. johnny marr: guitars, bass and keyboards. karl bartos: keyboards. denise johnson: backing vocals. produced by electronic. engineered by james spencer. assistant engineer on turning point: matt cox. second nature mixed by alan meyerson. turning point mixed by james spencer. plastik mix and trance atlantic dub produced by markus schulz and ci mcspadden for plastik productions. additional keyboards by brian stewart and roger wade. edit on plastik mix by electronic. sweet remix produced and programmed by richie santana. keyboards by brian kierulf and richie santana. design/image manipulation fluid with bernard sumner. photography midge wrighton.

raise the pressure may have taken two years to write and record but by the time it was finished electronic had a 60-minute album plus five excellent b-sides, the last of which, turning point, appeared on the third single to be lifted from the album. the inclusion of the rampling/lorimer remix of feel every beat on cd 1 is commendable, but their dub mix of the ’91 classic should have been featured instead, as it’s never been released on cd. trance atlantic dub and an unedited version of the plastik mix had been issued the previous october on an epic 57-minute promo in the usa, which also featured four exclusive mixes next to two additional radio edits. it’s probably the single most rare electronic item. second nature reached a modest 35 in the uk, promoted by appearances on later and tfi friday; it was the only electronic single not to be accompanied by a video.