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tighten up
us cd (pro-cd-4958) released by warner bros in 1991.

single edit
album version

tighten up (us promo cd).

modern rock tracks #6

the radio edit on this 2-track promo takes a whole minute off the album version, truncating both the intro and instrumental sections and looping marr’s electric guitar to fade out briskly rather than end with the jolting synths. bolstered by the recent success of getting away with it and get the message, tighten up received enough spins to reach billboard’s top 10 radio play chart and probably would have been a hit if released commercially. as was the trend with american promos it came with no cover artwork but did have a generic inlay stating the track information (shown above). it remains one of electronic’s most sought after rarities, and really should have been used as bait on the get the message compilation.