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uk 12" (12r6514), cd 1 in digipak with mail-away card (cdrs 6514) and cd 2 in digipak (cdr 6514) released by parlophone in april 1999. european cd 1 in card sleeve (8 86958 2) and cd 2 (8 86963 2) released by parlophone. all four cd singles were in the 3" format with a clear plastic outer rim.

uk 12"
vivid (radio edit)
prodigal son (two lone swordsmen mix)
prodigal son (harvey’s a star in your own mind mix)

vivid (uk 12-inch)

uk cd 1
european cd 2

vivid (radio edit)
haze (alternative mix)
prodigal son (harvey’s a star in your own mind mix)

vivid (uk cd 1)

uk cd 2
vivid (album version)
prodigal son (inch remix)

vivid (uk cd 2)

european cd 1
vivid (radio edit)
haze (alternate take)

vivid (european cd 1)

uk 1-track cd and 1-track 3" cd in pvc sleeve with press sheet (cdrdj6514) released by parlophone.

nme, 13 april 1999

uk #17

bernard sumner: vocals and guitar. johnny marr: guitars, harmonica and vocals. jimi goodwin: bass and vocals. ged lynch: drums and percussion. merv de peyer: programming and keyboards. produced by electronic and arthur baker. engineered by james spencer. backing vocals on vivid by astrid williamson. sound effects and beats on haze by fridge. vivid, haze and radiation mixed by merv de peyer. prodigal son (two lone swordsmen mix) by andrew weatherall and keith tenniswood. prodigal son (inch remix) by keir stewart and simon spencer.

the radio edit of vivid takes almost two minutes off the album version, but it’s rather effective as the original is a tad overlong anyway. three remixes of prodigal son don’t make the case for multi-formatting here, but the alternative mix of haze and the instrumental track radiation are well worth a listen. a solid choice for the first single from twisted tenderness, but neither as bold as make it happen nor as dazzling as the title track.