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make it happen

sometimes we find ourselves

looking for something new

we stand outside ourselves

not knowing quite what we should do

i am in debt to you
i owe respect to you

but you’ve gotta learn it’s gonna turn

into neglect for you

though you caught me naked
i didn’t enjoy it

in fact i regret it

let’s make it happen

why can’t you understand

i am a fraction

a part of a broken man

i hope you understand

it’s part of my action plan

to bury you in the sand

the tide’s gonna turn

when will you learn

to stop hiding inside yourself

i bet you wish you were someone else

tell me when will you learn

the day’s getting longer

and you’re getting common sense

so get right down off that fence

ain’t it time that you turned

i know you got me thinking

you could be faking

your ego’s inflated

and i’m sick of waiting

let’s make it happen

why can’t you understand

i am a fraction

i am a broken man

broken man

let’s make it happen

why can’t you understand

i am a fraction

a part of a broken man

my soul’s in rapture

if only we both hold on

let’s cause a reaction

just like you know we should

album version (7:39)

darren price mix (5:58)

original mix (7:48)

twisted tenderness
make it happen
late at night
twisted tenderness::deluxe

this epic, cascading masterpiece is almost as good an opener as idiot country, and is at once melodic and thunderous, full of crunching beats and layered guitars. like get the message, johnny wrote the music and bernard added the words. it was originally recorded as a softer, folkier piece, but despite sumner’s original vocal remaining intact, subsequent production by marr and other engineers resulted in a more dramatic feel to the music.

bernard sumner: “we felt that the album was a radical departure in sound for us and we wanted to put a track out that represented that change. we wanted to put out make it happen. we would have edited it down. that was the other problem. we weren’t sure it would work edited.”

an early mix features a sample from the 1993 ice-t track warning, in which the controversial rapper informs the listener that ‘this is not a pop album’. ultimately it couldn’t be used due to clearance problems, which is a shame because it sounds quite thrilling compared to the instrumental introduction on the standard album version. an excerpt from that mix, as released on promos and the late at night 12", can be found on new order online.