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getting away with it (uk)
director: chris marker
producer: michael shamberg
cinematography: yves angelo

if you’re going to film three men in a studio, they might as well be bernard sumner, johnny marr and neil tennant. in the original version, this abbey road footage was interspersed with shots of a woman walking through a forest and singing along to the track (which is where the brief glimpse of a parrot comes from). the more perfunctory end product was evidently deemed too static for american audiences, as a new film was made the following spring, but there are a few touches that lift it from complete awkwardness: the opening shots of the trio gazing upwards at something (revealed, in the original edit, to be a leaf), bernard’s half-singing/sighing of the final line, and the flickering cut to marr’s guitar head at the end. these aspects and the warm photography make its absence from the best of dvd a slight regret, though of course it’ll always be on youtube.