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electronic have had three official websites: one made by warner bros to promote raise the pressure (now stored at the internet archive); another created in 1999 for twisted tenderness (originally located at electronic-net.com); and one made for the reissue of the first album in 2013. the first was criticised by bernard sumner and fans alike for being somewhat insufficient, though the second site did include videos and audio excerpts of the new songs; bernard sumner claimed “the new electronic website is a great site — the last one wasn’t so good so i hope it goes well” in an interview for top of the pops.

an aol webchat conducted in new york on 15 july 1996 proved informative (bernard confirming the words from the last verse of get the message and the fact that he wrote the essay in raise the pressure), but their impact on the web could never be fully exploited as by the time it took off as a major promotional tool they had moved on to new order and the healers. fan-made sites such as ceremony and get the message provided a more consistent online presence at the time; since then they’ve been well served by extensive sections on new order online, worldinmotion.net and discogs.

in the uk, all four electronic albums are available on cd from amazon.co.uk and play.com; the marvellous koch edition of twisted tenderness can be found on amazon.com. ebay and matt’s cd singles are the best places to find electronic singles at a decent price, though nearly all of the b-sides and remixes were included on the 2007 digital editions of the singles and albums, which can be bought from 7digital, amazon.co.uk, itunes and play.com; some are available in lossless wave from juno download.